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Rob Zombie Was a Childhood Carnie

Lauryn Hill’s Strangest Habits, According to Her Former Band Members

Stolen Babies Took Time Off and Got Huge


Jim Wilson’s Mother Superior Is Reborn As Motor Sister, With Scott Ian on Guitar

Scorpions Guitar Legend Uli Jon Roth Says “Every Atom Sings a Song”

Here’s a Track from Abysmal Dawn’s Incredible New Album (interview with Charles Elliot)

Cannibal Corpse’s Frontman Talks About His Nightmares

Brody Dalle on Motherhood

Wendy Dio Remembers Her Husband, Ronnie James Dio

White Wizzard’s Joseph Michael on His Cousin (?) Ronnie James Dio

Robb Flynn’s Balls Are Feeling Just Fine

Testament’s Chuck Billy on the Time He Performed a Scalping

Paul Stanley On Rock and Rolling All Night and Partying Every Day

Randy Blythe, Ahead of His Manslaughter Trial, Talks About Losing a Child Himself

Emilie Autumn Will Not Be Pacified; Fight Like A Girl Comes Out Today

A Lemmy Interview You Can Read in 30 Seconds…Go!

Exclusive: Unearthed Photos of the Beatles in the Mid-’60s

We Try to Get Metalocalypse‘s Brendon Small to Do the Skwisgaar Voice

Butch Vig: The Super-Producer Talks About the Genius of Garbage (and Nirvana)

Dave Mustaine’s Advice for Starving Women in Africa: “Put a Plug in It”

Paul Stanley Analyzes KISS’s Success

Rob Halford Interview: “I’m doing more costume changes than Cher on this tour”

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