From 2007-2015, I freelanced as a music and performing arts journalist. This adventure took me from Texas to New York, through grad school at NYU, and beyond. Some of my favorite interviews from this time include Reba McEntire (my shero in middle school), Nile Rodgers, Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley of KISS, and playwright Edward Albee. I’ll forever feel proud of the RT from Lady Gaga (or whoever runs her Twitter) of my review of her and Tony Bennett’s show at Radio City Music Hall. And I cherish the friendships with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise that endure to this day.


There are some moments I would do differently now. I look back and see growth as a writer and as a person.


Below are listed all of the publications where my pieces have been published. Click on any title to see a list of articles written for that publication. Note that some publications for which I wrote, such as The Village Voice and LA Weekly, have migrated content to an https:// URL. If you encounter broken links on my website, you can usually find the piece by Googling the headline and my name. I’m working on updating all the links.


Some people have wondered: why did you stop? There are a lot of reasons. Mainly, I felt like I’d gone as far as I could go, and I felt my priorities in life changing, on many levels. Even so, I’m prouder of this body of work than I am of anything else I’ve done thus far, and I am so grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime experiences it offered.